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Teaching a New Dog Old Tricks

A Macintosh-Based World Wide Web Starter Kit
Featuring MacHTTP and Other Tools

version 1.0h (September 26, 1995)

Table of contents


  1. Title Page
  2. Release Notes
  3. Table of contents
  4. Acknowledgements
  5. About and how to get this book
  6. Overview and demonstration Page

Being an Information Consumer

  1. Client/server model of computing
  2. Uniform resource locators (URLs)
  3. Macintosh-based WWW Browsers
  4. Hotlist utilities
  5. WWW Helper Applications
  6. Extending WWW Browsers

Being an Information Provider

  1. Macintosh-based HTTP servers
  2. Bringing Up a MacHTTP Server
  3. MacHTTP configuration
  4. Server enhancements and evaluation tools
  5. HTML in seven lessons
  6. Macintosh-based HTML editors
  7. HTML Converters and Utilities
  8. Graphic Utilities
  9. 3 Essential qualities of information systems
  10. Searching Your Server
  11. WWW Scripting
  12. OSAX for WWW scripting
  13. Image Mapping
  14. The end... of the beginning


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